Ashok Mittal

HOD Chemistry / DIRECTOR
BITS Pilani (Chemical Eng.)
12+ Teaching Exp. (Bansal Classes Kota, Narayana Delhi, FIITJEE South Delhi) – Produced several under 100 ranks in IITJEE Mains and Advanced, NEET and AIIMS, including Bhuvnesh Kumar All India Rank – 19 in NEET (from Aligarh). His teaching skills are extraordinary, his class notes are extensive and he is the most sought after teacher in the industry.

Ankit Vatsa

BITS Pilani (Electronics Eng.)
12+ Teaching Exp. (FIIJTEE South Delhi, Narayana Hyderabad, IITian’s Pace Mumbai) – He have taken top batches in leading coaching institutes and produced under 100 ranks in IITJEE Adv., NEET, and AIIMS. He is known for making even the most difficult concepts in physics very easy for students. He makes sure that all the concepts become crystal clear , such that students can solve new and even difficult problems on their own.

Rohit Mangal

Physics (Sr.) / Maths (Foundation)
IIT Bombay (Chemical Eng.)
8+ Teaching Exp. (IITian’s Pace Mumbai, Narayana) – He is a master of innovation and creative teaching. His students are highly motivated towards learning and developing a passion for science and mathematics. Many of his students have secured top ranks in NTSE, Olympiads, JSO and International Maths Olympiad. He is also an exceptional physics faculty for IITJEE and NEET, with serious and core concept-based teaching.

Prakash Gupta Sir

IIT Bombay 15+ Teaching Exp. EX HOD Bansal Classes, Kota
He is a very senior faculty and has produced the best ranks in India in IITJEE Advance. He teaches mathematics in a conceptual manner and students love him for that.

Malik Sarfaraz

HOD Mathematics
M.Tech AMU 7+ Teaching Exp.
One of the finest Mathematics teacher in Aligarh. Popular for his unique approach and time-saving tricks. He deals with each topic in detail, with lots of class problems. He personally takes care of each and every student and helps them individually if they are lacking in some part. His attachment to his student makes him a gem of a person and wonderful teacher

Prof. Sunil Vishvkarma

Biology (Botany+Zoology)
Masters in Life Sciences (MSc., B.Ed)

10+ Years experience (Allen, Lakshya, Unacademy, Zee5, Akaash)

This is PROF. SUNIL KUMAR  coaching for Biology with an experience of more than 10 years and still  helping students to achieve their goals in  field of biology.

Helping students to  prepare for all India medical exams like AIIMS PMT AIPMT and MH CET entrance exam for medical.Also helps students in preparing for various other exams at school level like NTSE, OLYMPIADS,KVPY etc

Dr. Ajay Ojha

12+ Teaching Exp.
Ex-faculty – Aakaash Delhi.

The Magnetic Personality and energetic way in which he teaches biology, make students master the subject.

Many of this students in his long teaching carrier have produced under 100 ranks in NEET/PMT


Mukesh Sir

Center Manager
With his strong managerial skills, he makes sure all classes are conducted as per schedule, tests and reports are generated in a timely manner, parents are made aware of the progress of their child, attendance is marked properly and absentees are reported.

Faiza Mam

Student Counsellor/Receptionist
She is very dynamic and active in maintaining a track record of each and every student. She counsels them from time to time and works to improve student’s experience at turtle tutorials. She takes care of parents’ queries and forms a bridge between the coaching and the parent.