No of Lectures: 26
Total Duration: 1824 mins
Target : JEE & NEET

Electrostatics Lecture by Ankit Vatsa Sir (conducted LIVE on Youtube) – To see the LIVE CHAT Replay – watch the videos on Youtube!

Electrostatic - Lec 01
Concepts Covered
1. Meaning of Charge 
2. Properties of Charge 
3. Finding total Charge in: 
a) Linear charge distribution 
b) Surface charge distribution 
c) Volumetric charge distribution
Electrostatic - Lec 02
Concepts Covered
1. Introduction to Coulomb's law 
2. The concept of dielectric and permittivity of free space. 
3. Application of Coulomb's law to find forces between two or more charges. 
4. Questions on Superposition principle 5. Derivation of distance from two point charges where another charge if kept, will experience maximum force.

Notes & Assignments
Coulombs Law Abhyaas 1

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